International Mother Language Day 2023

Shaunak Chakraborty with kids at International Mother Language Day 2023 rally in Kolkata.

The Noble Work Foundation joins a rally of kids on International Mother Language Day 2023 which was organised by Institute of Psychological and Educational Research or IPER. The rally was organised from IPER via Anwar Shah Road, South City Mall then again back to IPER in a round way. Children were dressed up representing various cultures and diversities of India. Many of them holding and hanging placards some of the alphabets of various languages and others of some line in native language. The main motive behind this rally was to make the youth aware that every language is as unique as important and every mother tongue is great.

Noble Work Foundation

A youth organisation working for Sustainable Development Goals, Menstrual Hygiene, LGBTQ Rights, Women & Child Rights and Education for all.